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Our facility is 6000 square feet. 3000 square feet of this space is indoors and is fully equipped with heating and air conditioning. Our outdoor play area is 3000 square feet and is completed with Perfect Turf (top of the line K9 grass)..

Our Power Play groups typically start around 10am and end around 12:45pm. During these 3hrs we interchange the dogs in groups of 5 or 6 for 10 minute obedience reinforcement intervals outside. So that our dogs are more capable of benefiting from our program and focusing on the commands, I group them with other dogs that best compliment their personalities. Please keep in mind that we are not trainers, this is just our way of trying to keep the dogs in a structured environment, one in which they can benefit from emotionally and mentally, by consistently reinforcing skills they already have. Around 1 pm we take a 1 hr and 15 min break and then finish the day off with some free play.


We have allotted times for dropping off and picking up your pet. Doors open in the am between 6:45 & 9:45 am we then close for the afternoon. Doors then reopen in the afternoon from 3:30 pm to 6:45 pm (This time is set aside so that all employees can be on the play area floor helping run the obedience reinforcement intervals.) If you need to pick up or drop off outside of our allotted times please call or text beforehand to schedule a special request


Our overnights are crate free/slumber party style with a handler on premise over night.

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